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10% off when buying 2 dictionaries
18% off when buying 3 dictionaries
25% off when buying 4 (or more) dictionaries

American Heritage Dictionary Concise (Blank)
American Heritage Dictionary Office (Blank)
Chinese Simplified to English (Kingsoft)
Chinese Traditional to English (Kingsoft)
English to Arabic (Wizcomtech)
English to Chinese Simplified (Wizcomtech)
English to Chinese Traditional (Wizcomtech)
English to Czech (Wizcomtech)
English to Danish (Wizcomtech)
English to Dutch (Wizcomtech)
English to Finnish (WSOY)
English to French (Wizcomtech)
English to German (Wizcomtech)
English to Greek (Wizcomtech)
English to Hebrew (Wizcomtech)
English to Hungarian (Wizcomtech)
English to Italian (Wizcomtech)
English to Japanese (Sanseido)
English to Malay (Dewan_Bahasa)
English to Mongolian (Durvunnogoon)
English to Norwegian (Cappelens)
English to Polish (Wizcomtech)
English to Portuguese (Wizcomtech)
English to Russian (Wizcomtech)
English to Slovene (Wizcomtech)
English to Spanish (Wizcomtech)
English to Swedish (Wizcomtech)
English to Turkish (Wizcomtech)
French to English (Wizcomtech)
French to German (Wizcomtech)
French to Swedish (Wizcomtech)
German to English (Wizcomtech)
German to French (Wizcomtech)
German to Spanish (Wizcomtech)
Hebrew to English (Wizcomtech)
Hebrew to Russian (Wizcomtech)
Italian to English (Collins)
Japanese to English (Sanseido)
Japanese to Japanese (Sanseido)
Polish to English (Wizcomtech)
Professional Set (Houghton_Mifflin_Collection)
Russian to English (ABBYY_Lingvo®)
Spanish to English (Wizcomtech)
Spanish to German (Wizcomtech)
Spanish to Swedish (Wizcomtech)
Swedish to English (Wizcomtech)
OCR Components:
(Optical Character Recognition - add scanning abilities for the following languages)
20% off on the 2nd component
30% off on the 3rd component
40% off on the 4th component (and up!)

Chinese Simplified
Chinese Traditional
TTS Components:
(Text to Speech - Reads text aloud in selected languages.)
TTS can be purchased only if the TTS language is a source language of one of the dictionaries on the card.

English (American) (Already Included)

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