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Quicktionary 2

Quicktionary TS Hebrew

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How can I de-activate the Inverse option (I see the letter A on the Quicktionary/ReadingPen input screen)?


Inverse should only be used when scanning light text on a dark background (ie white text on a black background).


To turn off Inverse from within the Quicktionary or Readingpen applications (If Inverse is on, you will see an "A" on the screen when you first turn the Quicktionary on):

  1. Press ESC and scroll to Preferences.
  2. Press ENT and scroll down to Inverse. You will see a checkmark next to the setting.
  3. Press ENT to remove the checkmark
  4. Press ESC twice to return to the Quicktionary scanning screen.

To turn off Inverse or Numeric in all other applications:

  1. From the scanning screen, press ESC to access the Edit Menu. If you are using an application where the entire text field is highlighted, press ENT to reveal the blinking cursor and then press ESC.
  2. Scroll down to Scanning Options and press ENT.
  3. Press ENT to uncheck the Numeric/Inverse options.
  4. Press ESC to return to the scanning screen.
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