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What is the Image Capture application and how can I use it?


The Image Capture application is used for scanning signatures, small icons, and scraps of handwritten notes. It is not suitable for scanning long handwritten pages.  The captured images are saved as picture files and if desired, can be edited on the PC using a graphics application.

The size of the image that can be scanned is limited to the dimensions of the Pen's optical head, which is up to 1792 pixels wide (approx. half a line of A4). Images are saved as bitmaps (.bmp files) and can be transferred to your PC. When you install the application onto your Pen, it will update the Desktop application to allow you to view the captured images on your PC.

You can install the Image Capture application on your Pen only if your Pen has PC connectivity and it is upgraded with the latest software.


Click here to download the Image Capture application.


When the installation is complete, you will be able to access the Image Capture application from the Pen Main Menu.


To use the application: Select Image Capture from the Pen Main Menu.  Select Scan New File and give the new file a name. You will see the words "Ready to scan an Image:" on the screen. Scan the image horizontally, either from left to right or vice versa. If the scanning results are poor, try scanning slower.


The scanned image will appear on the Pen screen. The scanned image will appear larger than the Pen display. Press ENT to reduce the image size.

The image will be saved on the Pen for future transfer to the PC. After transfer, view the saved images in the Desktop application by clicking on the Image Capture icon on the left of the screen. A list of *.bmp files will appear, and the first image will be displayed on the screen. To open an image in the application on your PC associated with *.bmp files (e.g., Paint), click on the image name and then either double-click on the file name, or right-click on the file name and select Open.

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