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Quicktionary 2

Quicktionary TS Hebrew

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I receive the following message when I turn my Pen on: "Device is uncalibrated. Please return to Vendor". What should I do?


Try inserting new batteries into the Pen. This should solve the problem.


If the message still appears, your Pen will need to be sent to our offices for calibration. Please contact support at usa.support@wizcomtech.com in order to determine where to send your product. Please include your name and location.


Calibrating the Pen is free. You will only need to pay shipping costs. If, when the Pen is being checked, we discover other problems that are not related to calibration, you will be contacted prior to any work being done, to check if you have a valid warranty and if not, whether you agree to pay the extra repair charges.

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Quicktionary 2