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I tried to upgrade my Pen and now its not working. What should I do?


If you have upgraded your Pen and now it looks as though it won't turn on, or shows a blank grey screen, try the following:

  1. Make sure the Pen is off.
  2. Verify that the extension card is firmly inserted (above the battery compartment).
  3. Verify that you have fresh batteries.
  4. Now either:
    • Press the power key and then press either the ESC key or one of the arrow keys immediately after this.
    • Press the ESC key - and hold it down - while you press the power key.
    • Press the ENT key twice immediately after pressing the power key.

When your pen turns on, it may display very few menu choices. Often the PC Controlled Communications or Enter Upgrade Mode item will not be seen, but in its place you will see Communications Mode. These two items perform the same function.


To restore the Pen components do the following:

  1. Delete the upgrade package you downloaded fro the website, restart your computer and download the upgrade package again.
  2. Insert new batteries into the Pen or make sure that the battery status (found under Information from the Pen's main menu) is above 2.5 volts. If it is not, you should replace your batteries before continuing.
  3. Connect the USB cable to both Pen and PC, find the PC Controlled Communications or Communications Mode option on the Pen and run the upgrade file to begin re-installation. Carefully follow the installation instructions.

There may be two points during the installation when you will see a message on your PC, "Compacting flash memory. Note: If your Pen is not responding please press the ENT button." On the Pen screen you should see a progress bar which indicates the progress of the compaction. If this process pauses for more than five or ten seconds after reaching 100% you must press the Enter (ENT) key on the pen for the update to continue properly. When the update is completed your Pen should function properly.

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