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Why can't I hear the pronunciation of a scanned word?


You will only be able to hear scanned words read aloud your Pen contains support for reading aloud in the source language of the selected dictionary. This means that that language you are scanning must be supported. All Pens contain support for reading aloud in English but not necessarily in other languages.

If the dictionary you are using contains support for reading aloud you will see the speaker icon on the split screen if you have scanned more than one word. Use the left arrow key to move the cursor to the speaker icon in order to hear the scanned text read aloud. If you have scanned one word, pressing ENT should allow you to hear the scanned word read aloud.

If your dictionary contains support for reading aloud and you can't hear the word, you may need to adjust the volume settings on the Pen. From the Pen Main Menu scroll down to Preferences/Settings and access the Voice Settings option to adjust the volume settings. If you are using earphones, check that theyare firmly inserted into the earphone outlet on the Pen (you should hear a "click" sound which verifies that the earphone is indeed connected).

Note: Not all Pens are voice-enabled. When using the InfoScan2 Elite, please check that the scanning language is set to English in order to hear scanned text read aloud from within the Notes application.

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