Government Funding

No Child Left Behind
ESEA- Title 1 A - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

  • Wizcomtech products help states meet criteria of Title 1, A by providing assistive technology literacy and translation support tools that meet the educational needs of low-achieving children, limited English proficient children, children with disabilities and young children that are in need of reading assistance

No Child Left Behind
ESEA -Title 1, B - Reading First

  • Wizcomtech products support the five essential components of reading instruction -- phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension -- as outlined in the Reading First legislation and can help ensure that all children can read by the end of third grade.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEA- Response to Intervention (RTI) Office of Special Education Programs OSEP Part B,

  • Wizcomtech products can be used to assist states and local education agencies (LEA's) in their Response To Intervention models, using a process based on a child's response to scientific, research-based interventions (RTI) to help determine the existence of a child's learning disability (LD).
  • If a child does not achieve adequately for their age or meet state-approved grade-level standards, Wizcomtech's technology-based literacy support tools can help pinpoint key designated areas including: Listening comprehension, Basic reading skills, Reading Fluency Skills, Reading comprehension skills, in addition to other comprehensive and data-driven analysis needed to determine disability.
  • Additionally, assistive technology literacy support tools - can be an essential supplemental educational component of a child's IEP once LD eligibility has been determined.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDEA - Special Education

  • Wizcomtech hand-held literacy support tools can help fulfill IDEA's efforts to provide special education students with the supplementary aids and services that enable them to be involved in and make progress in the general education curriculum "least restrictive environment" (614 e, 5)
  • Use of Wizcomtech products can help states to improve the use of technology in the classroom by children with disabilities to enhance learning. To support the use of technology including universal design principles and assistive technology devices to maximize accessibility to general education curriculum for children with disabilities. (118 Stat 2668).

No Child Left Behind
ESEA -Title II, Part D
Enhancing Education Through Technology (Ed Tech)

  • Wizcomtech products help states fulfill the federal Ed Tech program whose primary goal is to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in elementary and secondary schools. These hand-held assistive technology literacy tools can be easily and effectively integrated into curricula and instruction in order to improve teaching and learning.  

No Child Let Behind
ESEA - Title IV, Part B
21st Century Community Learning Centers (2011-2012 TBD)

  • Wizcomtech products are easily integrated and uniquely suited for the federal program 21st Century Community Learning Centers providing technology based literacy and translation support tools for low-performing and ELL students as well as critical translation support for their limited English proficient families (adult members). Wizcomtech products can be used by states as an effective supplemental literacy support in any content area enrichment program in-or-outside of school.

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